10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Hello beauties! As the weather begins to warm up, we’re putting away our winter jackets in exchange for dresses and skirts! Don’t know what to buy when you go spring shopping? Well that’s why I’m here! Let’s take a look at 10 Must Haves for this season!

1. Cute Cardigan

Spring is warm but it’s also chilly at night, so keep a cardigan by your side at all times because they’re easy breezy! They look cute with any outfit while keeping you from getting too cold.


2. Floral Dress

Dresses are easy to throw on, and you look like you tried without having done anything! Spring is all about colour and florals so hop on the trend and get yourself a cute floral dress!

Forever 21
Forever 21

3. White Lace Dress/Skirt

White is the go-to colour in spring. A white lace dress is  clean and effortlessly chic. It’s a no-brainer!

Back of dress – Forever 21
front of the white dress

4. Skater Skirt

Skirts are sweet and flirty and perfect for spring! Pair it with a crop top or a halter style chiffon blouse for a more polished look.


5.  Romper

Perfect for when you’re too lazy to throw on 2 pieces of clothing (don’t even lie we’ve all been that lazy at one point.)

Forever 21

6. Colourful Shirts with cute Cut Outs

Colour is essential in spring because you want to stand out and bring a cheerful glow where you go! Cut outs in the back are super trendy and help make an ordinary shirt extraordinary!

*not my picture – Nasty Gal http://img.alibaba.com/img/pb/105/561/618/618561105_010.jpg
*Not my picture – Garage http://images.gdicdn.com/images/product/100008552/100008552_461_810x916.jpg?version=2

7.  high-waisted shorts

This is a basic item of clothing that every girl should have in her spring wardrobe. Pair it with a cute crop top and you’re ready to look adorable!

Forever 21

8. Brown flats

Spring is all about earth tones and brown flats are comfortable and look cute with any outfit! Pair them with a denim jacket and you’ll look great!


9. Wedges

Wedges give you good height and are more comfortable than heels… but most importantly they complete your outfit!

10. Bold clutch/ purse

Add a bold pop of colour to your outfit with a purse/ clutch. You’ll definitely make a statement!

Material Girl

Stay fab,


*All opinions are my own

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